Chris Shea


This man has been DJing on the underground party circuit under various guises for the last decade and then some. A founder of Psychosis Sound System, now fully entangled with the Pineapple Tribe crew, you can expect anything from the most bleepy minimal to banging breaks and techno. He’s played everywhere from filthy warehouses to fluffy woodland parties, the capitals biggest clubs to the streets of Notting Hill Carnival, it’s going to be an honour for him to smash the granny out of Trystonbury.


Go have a nose around his MySpace page while you’re waiting, check him out at Pineapple Tribe if you’re at Carnival and don’t forget your dancing shoes for his set at Trystonbury.

Finally, while nosing around for the low down on Chris, no gossip I’m afraid, but a great photo: This one for the free party folk… sun up over a speaker stack. Nice.