Hanky Panky DJs

Hanky Panky Soundsystem was born on June 15th 1996. The name was suggested as one founder member had recently been tattooed at Hanky Panky’s tattoo studio in Amsterdam. Significantly, in light of the style of the parties, the name can mean ‘mischief’, being naughty or up to some tomfoolery. Hanky Panky was set up by six clubbers, who partied through the early nineties growth of the techno and house movement, and they could draw upon the influence and experience of Megadog, Final Frontier, Tribal Gathering, The Orbit, Atomic Jam, Pendragon, Escape From Samsara as well as the free festival scene and events like Castlemorton. Right from the start, Hanky Panky was run by clubbers for clubbers and it has been a firm belief that the soundsystem should never lose its link with the nation’s dancefloors. The soundsystem soon gained a loyal following of Panksters at the club nights and outdoor parties and Hanky panky soon became a collective of like-minded souls who all contributed to the positive energy of each party.

The Trystonbury crew, your hosts for the festival, is largely made up of Hanky Panky Panksters who aim to continue the tradition of a collective, all-inclusive party with a positive vibe, a packed dancefloor and smiling faces all round.

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Hanky Panky DJs will be tearing it up at Trystonbury:

Swept along with the  rave scene’s steady growth from the 80’s onwards. Herne banged to the beat of the drum from dancefloor to record shop, from turntables to pubs, from clubs to fields and from woods to festivals. Cutting his teeth and honing his skills on the wheels of steel publically from ’96 onwards Herne’s DJ career curved with the rush of techno, house and trance, played to the up-for-it Hanky Panky crowds.  In recent years Herne has added Glastonbury’s Rabbit Hole & Magic Bubble, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness & Shambala to his festival’s played list. His preferred dancefloor habitat is woodland or outdoor, where mother nature drops her magic into the mix. Trystonbury’s oak glade dancefloor has been purpose designed to provide the inspiration for uplifting havin’ it tunes that Herne loves to spin.


Jay has been responsible for the outbreak of colourful clip-on furry tails at UK festivals in recent years. He’s a founder member of the Festival Tails crew who have run a Tail Emporium and Tail Swinging Dance venue at a number of major UK festivals including Secret Garden Party & Shambala.

Jay plays an eclectic mix of music from Hip Hop through to 90s Classics – all well known tunes that people can enjoy throwing shapes to. Lately Jay has been enjoying playing some Electro House sets with a pull towards the ‘harder’ side of Electro Swing i.e. all Parov Stelar stylie with lots of sax and trumpets!

The Jester

De Jester from Godmanchester

Doesn’t do mixtapes, online mixes or biogs. Does play nice house music and has done since ‘back in the day’